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Tuna spaghetti with tomato sauce

2016/10/26      view:


spaghetti, mushroom, several cans of canned tuna, butter, onion crumbs, 2 pcs of vanilla, small tomatoes, tomato sauce, olive oil.

Cooking steps:

Get all the ingredients prepared.

Dip tomatoes in the boiled water, get them peeled and then cut them into dice.

Get the pan hot, melt proper amount of butter

Stir-fry the onions till the colors turns transparent, add in the tomato dices, mix them for 30 seconds

Pour half bowl of water into the pan, till it is boiled.

Add in 2 pcs of meatball, add tomato sauce, according to your taste

Add mushroom into the pan, boil them for several mins.

Last step, add tuna chunk in the pan, mix them

On the other hand, get the water boiled, put the noodles in the it then remove out to the dish, mix with olive oil then pour the earlier prepared sauce on the noodles, finally sprinkle the basil on the surface.