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Tuna pizza

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Strong flour 130g, yeast 1.5g, sugar 5g, water 75g, milk powder 5g, one canned tuna, some sweet corn kernels, half an onion, one mushroom, Massurius La cheese 70g,tomato sauce 2 spoons, salt.

Cooking steps:

Knead the dough which contains strong flour, yeast water, sugar water, milk powder; and then add in some butter, and keep kneading till all these mixture are evenly mixed.

Wait for 30 mins or 1 hour, leave the dough to grow, until 1.5-2 times of itself.

Let the air out, and roll out the dough into a round circle shape. Put the “pizza” in the oven plate, use fork to poke several holes on the piazza bottom. Leave it for 15 mins for it to relax.

Use a spoon to past it with tomato sauce, sprinkle the first layer of cheese silk.

Load the “pizza” with vegetables, tuna flesh, sprinkle with some salt and with another layer of Massurius La cheese.

Set the oven at 202 degreee for 18 mins. Take out the pizza, use pizza knife to cut several lines, sprinkle some cheese silk on the open lines.

Put it back in to the oven, at 202 degree for another 5 mins. Cheese silk starts to melt then Wait for the pizza rim to turn into golden color.