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Tuna sandwich

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Two pieces of toast (milk flavor), half can of canned tuna, half can of canned sweet corn, half a cucumber, 1/3 of a carrot, right amount of salt, two spoons of salad dressing.

Cooking steps:

Clean the cucumber and cut it into dices.

Take the tuna flesh out of the can, get them crushed.

Clean the carrot, cut them into dices.

Put the carrot dices in to boiled water, and take them out immediately.

Put all the above in to a big bowl, add in right amount of salt, and 2 spoons of salad dressing, mix them.

cover a layer of preservative film on the cutting board, then put on a piece of toast covered with tuna salad.

Cover the other piece of toast at the top.

Cut the rims of the toast.

Divide the tuna toast into four equal parts.