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Green Peas and corn soup stew

2016/10/26      view:


Green pea, canned corn, egg, salt, corn starch.

Cooking steps:

Get all the ingredients ready, clean up the green peas, open up the canned corn, break the egg into a bowl, whipping up the egg.

Put the green peas in the blender, add one bowl of water, use the blender head to whip up the green peas.

Add 4 bowls of water in the pan, pour in the blended green peas.

Then add the corn kernel into the pan, use spoon to stir for several times, turn up the fire and wait for it is boiled turn into medium fire, leave the top uncover for 5 mins.

Mix the corn starch with half bowl of water, pour them in the pan, use spoon to mix them well.

Pour the egg liquid into the pan, with chopsticks stirring very well. Add in appropriate amount of salt.